We offer a wide range of spectacles, contact lenses and prescription sunglasses to suit all tastes and budgets – from free NHS specs to the latest designer names.

Do you need spectacles or contact lenses? Our North London practice, we offer an extensive selection of frames and contact lenses, as well as prescription Sunglasses.

Our stock includes a range of free NHS spectacles.

You’ll love our wide range of frames, with options to suit all tastes and any budget, and designer frames offered at half price. We can also repair your damaged spectacles as needed. If you prefer contact lenses, we also provide a wide selection of contact lens choices, and will offer you a free trial to ensure you get the lenses that are right for you.

Something for everybody

Our experienced staff offer excellent personal service, and will help you find eyewear that is fitted properly and best suits your lifestyle. Stop by today and check out our prescription sunglasses as well, or book an eye test. To book an appointment, call  Hammonds Practice today


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