2019 Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses

Some girls avoid makeup when wearing glasses because it feels awkward.

But by keeping it simple,

you’ll look great and it won’t overwhelm your face. Try neutral eye shadow, eyeliner, and a little highlight. 

Here are some more makeup tips for girls who wear glasses:

Here are some more makeup tips for girls who wear glasses:

If you wear glasses and also use makeup, it must be quite frustrating sometimes having to hide your beautifully made up face behind your frames. However, with these great makeup tips you can avoid those annoying makeup mishaps and still look smoking hot in your glasses.

1. Always keep your brows in shape.

If you wear glasses, it’s very important to always have well-groomed brows because not only can they be clearly seen above your glasses, they also help to frame your face for a complete makeup look. Whichever product you prefer to use -pencil, gel or powder, just make sure those babies are forever on fleek!

2. When in doubt, go with the cat eye. 

For the love of cat eye! If you wear glasses, a winged eyeliner is your best friend. Cat eye is a great way to really make your eyes stand out. Plus you can create the shape you want your eyes to be with the different angles and shape of the flick. Match the intensity of the line with your frames for an intense look. Thicker lines for thick frames and vice versa

3. Use an eyelash curler before mascara.

Invest in a good eyelash curler if you love to wear mascaras or even falsies. This will help prevent your lashes from grazing the lenses of your glasses as you blink.  First, use one coat of mascara (preferably one with a creamy waterproof formula) on your lashes after curling and then for the second coat,  focus on just the roots. This makes the tips of your lashes lighter than the base thus keeping them curled all day long and preventing them from falling straight.

4. Go easy on the eyeshadow

If you wear glasses, you shouldn’t do heavy eye makeup. Your frames already dominate your face, so using too much eye makeup may clash with them. Stick with coloured eyeliners instead but if you’d still rather wear a shadow, go for neutral shades like rose gold, champagne or bronze. Shimmer eyeshadow is universally flattering and won’t look heavy on your eye. A great pair of statement frames and classic eye makeup always works!

5. Highlight your cheek bones

Your cheekbones play a vital role in defining your face. Add a bit of colour to your face with a blush or simply use a little highlighter or a lighter foundation around your cheekbones to highlight them and give your face more structure.

6. Brighten up your under eyes.

Contrary to what most people think, glasses do not hide dark under eye circles. If anything they can magnify them, making them look even more obvious. So as a glasses girl, you shouldn’t skip concealer or corrector.  Apply underneath the eye and in creases, set with powder and say hello to a brighter and perkier look.

7. Go bold with the lip.

One useful tip for glasses wearers is to draw attention away from your eyes and focus on the lips instead by rocking bold lip colours. This also works well since strong lips go best with neutral eyes. You won’t have to worry about whether or not your eye makeup works with your glasses. Another cute tip you might want to try is coordinating your glasses with your lipstick if you have coloured frames.

So, the next time you’re getting glammed up and you go to reach for your contacts, don’t! Even if you routinely wear contact lenses, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a great-looking pair of glasses to spice up your appearance every now and then. You can also experiment with different frame styles and makeup techniques to help you create the perfect look — whether you’re heading to the board room or the dance floor!


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