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We’ve got experience you can trust

Maintaining the health of your eyes is vital. At Hammonds Eye Practice, our skilled opticians have extensive experience in

dealing with a large number of both general and specialist eye problems, so you know you’re in good hands.

Your eye health is important

You can rely on us for all your eye care needs – we offer eye tests and examinations for babies, children and adults.

We provide both NHS and private services. We offer diabetic, glaucoma and VDU eye screening, a clinic for cataracts and

dry eyes, dyslexia, colour vision and sports vision assistance and laser correction advice.


Having 20/20 vision means that you should be able to see the ball wll. But .

What if your opponent sees the ball before you? .

What if your opponent can follow the ball better than you?

You’re immediately on the back foot and they have that all important edge.

Vision is complex much more than just how clearly you see.

.Speed and accuracy of focus

.Depth perception

.Peripheral awareness

. Eye Dominance and stability .

How efficiently the two eyes work together.

Vision involves many subtle and sophisticated links between the brain, muscles and eyes; the way the eyes work and how this information is processed and feedback to the body will have an effect on .


. Timing and anticipation

. Reaction times and Aiming accuracy.

. Hand Eye – Foot Coordination. .

Maintenance of high levels of concentration. Inefficient Visual Systems will be affected by

. Dehydration

. Stress

. Tiredness

Elite athletes understand the need to train and keep the body in peak fitness. With vision being the dominant sense, we must maximise all aspects of vision to maximise sporting performance.

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