Since 1930, our family-run eye care practices have been serving patients in North London.

We have the experience and expertise you want in an optician.

We’ve got experience you can trust

Maintaining the health of your eyes is vital. At Hammonds Eye Practice, our skilled opticians have extensive experience in dealing with a large number of both general and specialist eye problems, so you know you’re in good hands.

Your eye health is important

We put your health first. For patients who are unable to travel to us, we do offer home visits in the North London area, and we are happy to liaise with your GP or hospital to ensure you receive efficient, effective care.

We’ve got everything you need

You can rely on us for all your eye care needs – we offer eye tests and examinations for babies, children and adults. We provide both NHS and private services. We offer diabetic, glaucoma and VDU eye screening, a clinic for cataracts and dry eyes, dyslexia, colour vision and sports vision assistance and laser correction advice.

Get in touch today

If you have any concerns about the health of your eyes, don’t wait until the situation gets worse. Our specialists can offer eye tests and examine for a range of conditions. We also offer sunglassesspectacles and contacts. Get in touch with us today at either our Hammonds Practice 


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